For House District 46

Issues & Priorities

I believe that all Montanans deserve a full happy life with good jobs, good healthcare, and feeling safe in our homes.

As a legislator, I’ve fought for policies that put more money in Montana family’s pockets and make our communities thrive:

  • Expanded health and mental health care
  • Universal preschool
  • Quality daycare for every Montana child
  • Truly affordable higher education
  • Protecting our public lands
  • Fair and equitable taxes

Public Safety

I will fight to fund public safety in Billings, including more access to mental healthcare and treatment

Today, as we ride the waves of a pandemic and turbulent economy, we are seeing increased crime and addiction because of previous legislatures’ decision to cut funding to mental health care. During the 2021 session, I fought to bring more public defenders and more probation and parole officers to our city.

Strong Economny

For our state to flourish we must invest in our economy with support for workers, small businesses, and higher wagesOne that does not give corporations and the wealthiest people a leg up on the backs of working Montanans. 

I support a worker’s right to work together with their fellow workers for better pay, a safer workplace, and more benefits. I believe that small businesses are the backbone of our community and the engine to our state’s economy. Finally, I believe every Montanan benefits from more money in their pockets when they have a higher wage. 

Supporting Families

We need leaders in Helena who support families with affordable housing, childcare, and lower taxes.

For our community to flourish we must invest in the people who live here. Billings needs more affordable quality housing. The state needs to step up and provide avenues for developers to build more housing for working families and more tools to help families afford housing.

We should have preschool and quality daycare for all families. Getting your child into quality daycare so that you can go back to work should not be difficult or expensive.

We must build a fair and equitable tax system that works for the Montana of today and tomorrow. 

Public Lands

One of Montana’s greatest treasures is the beauty of its natural spaces. I will fight to ensure that all Montanans enjoy clean air and water, and have access to our beautiful outdoors.

I want my children to be able to marvel at the dramatic view from the top of the Beartooth plateau and count wildflowers on backcountry trails. I also want my children to know and respect the local farmers and ranchers who produce their food.

I became a member of Northern Plains to protect Montana’s clean air, good water quality, and unique quality of life, and I am a legislator who continues that fight.